How To Use A Muscle Gun For Knots

We all have gone through the muscle tightness and soreness at some point in our life. The excruciating, uncomfortable, and unbearable pain in your muscle means you have a knot in your muscle. We all must be familiar with the word knots, right? But the thing is that many of us don’t know what knots actually are and how you can get rid of them. That is why we built this article for you to know how you can use a massage gun to treat them. Read on!

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What are Muscle Knots?

When your muscle fibre or fascia contact or stretch, knots and weak spots develop within your muscles. The proper word for Muscle Knot is “Myofascial Trigger Points”. Myofascial Trigger Points can cause unbearable pain and a range of movement that is compromised, so it would be best that you treat them as early as possible, as there is no immediate and quick fix.

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Also, in muscle knots, there are some trigger points that can refer the pain to other areas. For example, if you press the trigger point or the concerned area with your hand or fingers, you will also feel the pain in the nearby muscles.

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So basically, muscle knots are small bumps on your muscle, and the bumps can cause excruciating pain when touched. A few causes of muscle knots are the following:

  • Mental Pressure and stress
  • Injuries and Trauma
  • Poor and incorrect sleeping or sitting posture
  • Sitting for too long
  • Not resting for too long

Muscle knots often occur in the muscles of the back, shoulders, and neck. People who stand for too long or people who spend a long time sitting on a desk without moving or stretching are more likely to have muscle knots. In order to prevent knots, make sure your muscle fibres and fascia do not get tensed or tighten.

Treating Muscle Knots

Keep one thing in mind, treating muscle knots will not be a quick task. However, you can use muscle recovery tools to ease your pain and breaking down the knot. Muscle Massage Gun is a tool that is considered really beneficial to easy down muscle knots. Just Remember, treating muscle knots will require a lot of patience as it is not going to happen overnight. 

Using Muscle Gun for Knots

Using a muscle gun to ease down the pain of muscle knots would be the best decision you will ever make. A muscle gun will provide you with the most beneficial and effective self-massage to ease down all your muscle pains, knots, and tensions.

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A muscle gun uses percussion therapy to massage deep into the muscle tissues and ease all the pains and knots in no time while removing your stress too. A muscle gun will provide your muscles with a vibrating sensation while giving you a better blood circulation and releasing all your pain.

Just take your muscle gun, apply pressure to the concerned area, and massage it thoroughly. You can also target specific muscles and areas that are causing you pain. If your muscles knots are troubling you, do not waste your time and get yourself a muscle gun as soon as possible.