Why I would Buy Theragun Over Cheaper Massage Guns

You Get What You Pay For Sometimes

I am in search of the best budget massage gun that money can buy. In my searching and purchasing, I found that the more you spend, the better percussion massager Will be in many cases, with a Theragun being one of the most expensive.

It’s still in my recommendation of the top three best percussion Massagers of all time. Still, you can get The same effects out of cheaper Massagers, kind of like a Cadillac versus a Honda Civic. They both take you places. Still, the Cadillac has a lot more comfortable than the bouncy civic. Still, the Cadillac cost a lot more money, haha.

Why Is Theragun So Expensive?

Theragun has many different patented censored technology that no other percussion massager has or is even legally allowed using technology. 

  Do you need the technology of pressure sensing and percussion sensing technologies? They are a Vance and state-of-the-art technologies, and they do improve the percussion massage but like what I tell people. 

  When you are undecided, go with the cheaper massager if you’ve never used one before. That way, you’re not out of a lot of money if you decide you don’t like using percussion massagers.

   I always go back to the car analogy when you first start driving. You don’t go out and buy the Cadillac, LOL. If you like it, then move up to a more expensive model. 

  You start with the Honda Civic and move up as time goes on. The significant benefit of doing the ass prevents you from making an impulse buy that you regret later. Many people have purchased the $500 percussion massager‘s used it a couple of times and decided they didn’t like it or don’t even use it anymore.

You can buy an excellent percussion massager for 100 bucks or 200 like a Booster percussion massager. It’s a pretty good massage basically delivers everything the high-end Massagers will offer but still drives like a Honda Civic, haha, for more than half the price of the Cadillac.

Is Theragun Worth The Money

Yes, there is no price you can put on health and the relief that a percussion massager can give you. There have been nights that I have woken up in an excruciating amount of pain from nerve and muscle tension.

  I could not get relieved by any anti-inflammatory medicine hot bath soak and was too bad of a physical condition to ply any massage pressure with my own hands.

 Having the ability to take the percussion massager, turn it on, and let it do the work word cannot describe the amount of suffering.

  I was in and was able to relieve it on my own I like getting hired for professional massage therapy. The problem is it’s expensive to pay for all the time, but you have to get scheduled. 

When you have a flare-up with a muscle or something, you cannot just walk in most places.

 And get a massage, especially at three and four in the morning when you get woken up and an excruciating amount of pain, LOL.

   If you can’t afford a $500 massager, then I highly recommend going hang with any cheaper massager to have it. Suppose you’re dealing with any muscle problem or pain. In that case, these power massagers can be Lifesavers for somebody who deals with a lot of muscle tension.

Is The Theragun Overpriced?

The price point is very high, in my opinion. Still, Theragun does not lack any quality standard in the percussion massager market.

  When you buy any Theragun, you are getting the best of the best, and some of their features are unique to Thera gun, and no other percussion massager has them. If I were going to buy one, I wouldn’t want to think about the economic rule for myself. Do I have enough money to buy 10 of them if?

when I would buy a massager

 So, in theory, if I had $5000 in my checking account, then yes,

 I can afford one high-end percussion massager, but if I only have $1000 in my checking account, LOL me most of the time.

   I should only purchase a $100 percussion massager, just like I think about a purchase. Still, anything over a couple of hundred dollars is an investment. This is why I always go to google and research my purchases. It’s kind of hard to decide where there are so many people screaming and yelling. This is the best one; no, this is the best one. Cut that noise out for you if you got the money. 

Buy a Thera gun, but if you’re worried about whether it’s worth spending a lot of that money,

 I recommend buying a $150 percussion massager. Try it out and if you like it and keep using it regularly, then come back and buy a Thera gun. The Thera gun will not fail you. It will do everything a percussion massager can do to the best of the top three percussion massagers on the market.

Is There Anything Better Than Theragun?

A good question, in my opinion, Booster massger gun is a little better than there again, but that is only because it has a longer stroke length. It will go deeper than there again. 

Well, on build quality and technology, Theragun is in another universe. The technology on there again, I don’t even completely understand. I don’t you’re actually allowed to a lot of their technologies are under.

  Patton, but if I had the cash and wanted to buy the best percussion massager, 

I wouldn’t say I like using that word because they can always be a better option, Theragun. It’s tough to beat…

But answer some questions for yourself that may change whether Thera gun is best for you.

  • Are you an athlete
  • Do you work out at the gym more than two or three times a week?
  • Have you had injuries or recovering from an injury?
  • How much body mass do you have? Are you lean or thicker? Then the average person.

I won’t cover that here in this post. Still, depending on these questions, other percussion massagers can be better than Theragun. Technically speaking, the person needs some percussion massager‘s work better for different types of body mass and different types of injuries or recovery. It’s one thing to be. 

Recovering from an accident or recovering tissue damage is attentionally done in a physical exercise program.

Is It OK To Use Theragun Everyday?

Yes, it is OK to use the Thera gun every day, but you can easily overdo it if you don’t pay attention. The recommendation is only two minutes per muscle. Your whole body can be done within 15 minutes. His advice comes because of the power and the volume of massage that percussion.

  Massagers can deliver you can easily overwork the tissue. When you have a hired massage therapist work on you, typical sessions are up to an hour. 

They know when to back off are they massage well they’re supposed to some massage therapists have overworked me in the past, but you can overwork yourself.  

  With a percussion massager, when some of these massagers can run at 3200 RPM, and it feels good while you’re doing it, you are still causing some micro-tears in your tissue. 

This is good up to a certain level to promote healing and growth and Deliver blood flow, but like anything, too much can be harmful.   

Once you get into it after a while, you’ll gauge and learn what’s best for you but ideally, keep in mind to not go longer than two minutes or so per muscle. 

You could probably do it under a minute, just 30/40 back-and-forth on your small muscles like a bicep or forearm. You’re pretty much ready to go these machines or time saving one of the biggest over any other type of recovery massage.


Is there a gun worth the money well LOL is a Cadillac worth of money to a high school student or a junior in college Cadillac probably not a good idea sure it’s comfortable, enjoyable, and everybody that sees you driving by the look you and go hmmm

 That guy must’ve made it. Wow, look at his ride LOL but joking aside, you’re not going to find a percussion massager is much better than a Thera gun on an individual‘s personal needs. There might be some better options. 

Still, overall, Theragun is top of the line. Would I buy one myself? Probably not, and that’s because only because they’re so expensive, but like I said up above if you have the money to go for it, you won’t be disappointed. I know that I have purchased things in the past. I did not get what I paid for, but you are paying for a little bit of the name brand with Thera gun. Still, mostly you’re paying for the technology within the battery life and quality, and the percussion technology is state of the art.

What are you more concerned!

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