Stoping Muscles Knots From Coming Back With A Massager

What Is A ‘Muscle Knot’ And How To Treat It

You probably hear this term all the time. People are constantly saying things like, “I have a huge knot in my back” or “I’m all knotted up!”  What does this actually mean? Can a muscle really get tied in a knot? Well, no, not really…

First of all, let me explain a little bit about muscle tissue. Muscle fibers run in all different directions in our body and muscles are layered on top of each other from our heads to our toes. This is a good thing and the reason why we can bend, twist, dance, and play sports. Our muscles are meant to be pliable, strong, and challenged. However, when we sit at a computer all day in the same position and if we injure ourselves, or if we are chronically dehydrated, we can lose our mobility and flexibility. The various muscle fibers start to stick to each other and become adhered. This new hard and lumpy feeling is a muscle ‘knot’.

Muscle ‘knots’ are incredibly common but common doesn’t mean they are normal or harmless. Chronic stress on our muscles creates micro-tearing of muscle tissue, which creates scar tissue. Unfortunately, if left untreated, the muscle tissue will continue to lose elasticity and cause postural stress that is hard to reverse.  It’s not all bad news and there are a lot of things you can do to treat and prevent muscle knots.

How To Stop Muscles Knots From Coming Back With A Massager

 It is a tough routine for me to stick to regular foam rolling and stretching routine. If you could do this, you would keep from muscle knots coming back so often, so I lean more towards using a massage power tool to keep my muscles from nodding up.

 At a very young age, I’d start developing muscle knots to the point that the older they got, the more I know I’m using the wrong word but calcified in a sense where the more stubborn they would be to be able to go away this is why I believe that if you use a percussion massager regularly, you can get rid of your muscle knots and keep them from coming back when I stick to it daily or at least 3 to 4 times a week my muscle knots go away and stay away. I think this will be the case.

 Most people, but soon as I get out of the routine using a percussion massager every couple of days, they start to come back. The good news is they don’t come back as stubborn as they were before, and as long as I get right back on top of my routine using the percussion machine, don’t go away quickly, and I can keep them away I know that I am in a different case than most people.

 I have extreme issues with muscle tension and not, and I’m very food sensitive anyways, and I don’t know if that has anything to do with it. Still, I’ve always been susceptible to medicines and supplements. It seems that my muscles are susceptible to any exercise. They don’t seem to respond really well, and I tense up. I will develop some muscle tension and knots that can be very miserable for me, and so it is a must for me if I’m going to exercise.

 I have to use percussion therapy or massage therapy stretching, and foam rolling works very well. Maybe the best problem with that is I have a hard time staying disciplined. It is almost more work for me to stretch enough and foam roll than it is actually to do the exercise that causes the buildup of muscle knots. Some tension almost takes the fun out of all of it.

 I still foam roll. Actually, I Foam Road this morning first time in a couple of weeks. I usually do it more often. I still stretch but not as much as I have to when I use a percussion massager, so I kind of mix the three to keep my muscle knots from coming back, but if you’re a person that doesn’t have the extreme case like me, I believe a percussion massage a couple of times a week will relieve muscle knots and keep them at bay from coming back as long as you keep up with regular maintenance. It also depends on the type of percussion massager you use when it comes to muscle knots. Some percussion massagers do not have the percussion power to rid you of muscle knots.

 How Many Massages Does It Take To Get Rid Of Knots?

 Depending on the age of your muscle knots, one massage can relieve you of a muscle not I’ve had muscle knots that have taken years to go away, but now if I develop one massage, can read me of a muscle or not whether I performed on myself or by someone else the thing to understand with muscle knots is the older they are, the more massage sessions it will take to get rid of muscle knots. 

It can develop in places where we don’t even know that they’re there. We could be getting deferred pain from another area because of the muscle not realizing where the pain is actually coming from or originating from. These are the trickier muscle knots that can take more than one massage to get rid of. I am maintaining massages is always good if you’re hiring a professional and you’re in good health. You don’t need or don’t think you need a massage. One massage a month would be considered a maintenance massage that will keep you going and keep muscle knots from coming backThe average muscle, not for most people, can be rid of, and about 1 to 3 sessions and extreme cases on the older, not that.

Do Massage Guns Get Rid Of Knots?

 Yes, they do, but what they do better than getting rid of muscle knots keeps them from coming back, as I was talking about before. Using a percussion massager is something that I regularly use to keep muscle knots from coming back there is some technique involved. Still, it is a pretty simple technique. You spend a little more time over the nodded area and pry a little more pressure on Your muscle knot until you relieve it. You can spend up to 30 seconds and no longer than two minutes recommend per muscle group. You can cause damage to the whole muscle itself, so you do not want to overwork.

 Just like when you go to a massage therapist, they can overwork you if they spend too much time on a muscle group, but professional people know this that’s why most massages are limited to 60 minutes when it comes to the percussion Massagers they recommend only 15 minutes for a full-body percussion massage about two minutes per muscle group.

 I’ve gone longer, but I also know how much pressure to apply, but you can easily overwork a muscle if you are not careful. These percussion massagers are very powerful, especially the more expensive name-brand ones like Thera gun hyper volt TimTam. These machines move at thousands of RPM, and some half-stall strength they call as high as 60 pounds per square inch needed to get rid of muscle knots.

 When a massage therapist works on one area, depending on the pressure, they can apply 100 pounds per square inch, but it’s static pressure, not a pulsing rpm pressure with a massage gun. Many of these will move at 2000 to 3000 revolutions with 60 pounds of pressure per square inch. You can imagine a lot of power is being distributed in a short amount of time when this happens. You are moving blood through the tissue, and you are causing some micro-tears in the tissue. These micro-tears has done properly are going to promote healing and growth. When you do static stretching or yoga, you make micro-tears, stretch tendons and ligaments, and signal to the immune system to repair the areas. 

Does Booster gun Get Rid Of Knots?

Booster gun is one of the best guns to get rid of muscle knots. Hyper volt TimTam and other high name-brand more expensive percussion massagers are good for getting rid of muscle knots. Booster gun is one of the strongest percussion Massagers and has a decent stroke.

The stroke length is What gives the percussion massager the name percussion massage. Some cheaper Massagers don’t have a very long stroke, and in my opinion, at this point, when a stroke fling is really short, it is no longer a percussion massage. It’s more of a vibrational massage, and that’s not what you’re trying to accomplish with a percussion massager. When you have a quality massager with a good struggling and a good stall strength, you can apply more pressure to one area, and this is what’s going to get rid of muscle knots. A vibrational massager is not going to do you any good for a muscle not you have to have good stall strength to apply enough pressure. Still, also you have to have the stroke to actually deliver the percussion punch to get deep into the tissue and relieve the muscle, not the intention.

Does Massage Help With Knots?


Yes, massage helps with muscle knots, and it is a maintenance thing that you can do to keep them from coming back, whether it is a hired professional massage therapist or foam rolling as a type of massage stretching or laying on a tennis ball are leaning against a door with a baseball performing self-massage and my most favorite because the convenience And is of no effect on myself other than using a percussion massager over the damaged or tension and nodded area of the body are.

Used to be believed that muscle knots came from lactic acid, but the new science shows that lactic acid leaves the muscle science 30 minutes after exercise. Leaves the muscle science is still trying to figure out why we get certain muscle knots and tension. In certain areas, it’s now believed that a lot of it is to do with the brain. The wiring of the Nuro circuitry tells a certain area to tense up. It holds that tension some nutritional factors play in with your essential vitamins and minerals potassium and magnesium of one of the two biggest if you become deficient you will experience. Cramping and cramping can leave behind knots and tension in your muscle. I went through an accident and some surgeries. I got extremely depleted, and all my micronutrients and minerals from medication and dehydration, and I developed some muscle spasms and parts of my body that were so severe that they woke me up out of my sleep yelling and agonizing pain. These muscle knots stayed with me for years. I had multiple massages stretching until they finally went away. Three years later, I’ve probably spent 2,000 to $3,000 on hiring professional massage and a couple of thousand dollars and massage tools.

One of the biggest things and I found was changing my diet juicing was probably my lifesaver. You can never eat enough potassium were pretty much always deficient, and then if you can get a juicer and start doing a couple of green juices a week, you will immediately feel the benefits. We walk around in a deficit of micronutrients, and you don’t realize how bad you feel until you feel good. I recommend everybody, and anyone dealing with any muscle tension is to get more potassium, and in your diet, we need 4700 mg of potassium. A banana only has 300 mg of potassium. You cannot eat 15 bananas and get the amount of potassium you need. You really need to eat 10 cups of leafy greens per day, and that might not be a good idea either are. Foods and vegetables are low in potassium due to soil depletion. Hence, making green juice is what I recommend. Once you do this, you’ll be getting that potassium and your diet that you need and all the other micronutrients and minerals potassium and magnesium they are like muscle relaxants. Naturally, your muscles are relaxed, and naturally, your knots can go away, so before you look so deeply into massage and spend too much money on it.

You might want to check and see if you were getting enough of these micro nutrients and minerals in your diet and if you are not maybe look into getting some supplementation done before you invest too much time and money into a problem has actually can be fixed without massage not saying to not get massage done massage has all kinds of benefits but in perspective you could have a young teenager driving your car and you keep taking it back to the mechanic and changing the tires and you don’t understand why your tires are wearing so poorly and you have to keep buying new tires it’s good to have new tires on the vehicle to get good traction but if the young teenager on the weekends thingsIt’s cool to go out on the weekends with his friends and do burnouts and donuts on your brand new tires well that’s a problem that needs to be addressed in a different way the body is the same way sometimes a issue can flare up for other reasons that we don’t know about and a lot of it has to do with nutrition so I recommend to get your nutrition on point and then work more on alternative things to better yourself like massage and other types of massage tools will only increase your recovery benefits.

How To Use A Massage Gun For Knots

Using a massage gun for muscle knots might be one of the easiest and simplest way to maintain good muscle health a lot of athletes use massage guns not to get rid of knots but to prevent them from coming back and she just used before an exercise for a warm-up breaking up old tissue muscle fibers and just circulating some blood as a simple warm up before getting into a strenuous activity the simplest way to use a percussion massage gun for a muscle or not maybe find the muscle not with your fingers and your hands you can find some this way that you did not even know you had once you found an area that is nodded you can use a percussion massager directly on the night itself and work your way out from the night bed area this way you relieve the outer tissue and support more blood flow to the nodded area you don’t want to spend a lot of time on a muscle not no more than 30 seconds to a minuteYou can overwork the rest of the muscle very quickly with these high performance percussion massager’s and causing more harm than good it was recommended to only use it for two minutes per muscle group.


To sum things up, percussion massage can release muscle knots better than you can yourself and, in some cases, better than someone else. When you’re using the tool, you can guide the pressure into the right areas. You can feel what you need more than somebody else can feel cuz you know what you’re experiencing at that exact point. Once you find the muscle knots and get some experience on what works for you you can release these knots and maintain them a couple times a week and keep them at Bay and prevent them from coming back. for more success I’m keeping muscle knots away is to be very disciplined on your hydration and your diet if you consume a lot of caffeine or alcohol and you don’t properly hydrate yourself a percussion massager is not going to keep your muscle knots from coming back. but if you stay on top of these sensitive areas with proper hydration diet and not overtraining a percussion massager a couple of times a week will keep you loose and mobile without major buildups of muscle knots. one more thing to keep end to mind that maybe even a stronger Factor then diet and hydration is overtraining it’s real easy to be in the training session feeling the drenalin and the dopamine release you can be feeling really good and wanting to push it really hard and as me and my experience I have now I learned to throttle myself and learn what is too much even if it doesn’t feel like too much in the moment you can feel really great and you can over train without knowing it so monitor yourself closely and realize where is too much. There have been studies done that moderate training pushing that threshold of Maximum but not over Maximum on a more regular basis, you will get better games over time. Still, if you keep pushing the bar really hard, then you’re going to have longer recovery times, and in the long term, your performance gains will decrease. It is all about the intensity. You have to have intensity for growth, but too much intensity can stunt your growth. I don’t want to go into too much detail here, but this is an important point for growth and Recovery. I’ll say this and close this out here. Maybe I’ll write a whole post dedicated just to this topic which is very important that I’ve missed most of my life. Say you train three times a week to your maximum, and then occasionally you’re so broken down you can only train twice a week to your maximum. If you were to back down your intensity to where you can train 5 days a week rather than 2 or 3 days a week over a couple of months and maybe quicker for some people, you would reach a point of growth much higher than the two to three days a week maximum. And over a year, if you train 300 days at the proper intensity versus only training 100 days 150 days out of the year, where do you think at the end of the year you will be with the different types of intensity training. What I’ve noticed in my own life is sometimes less is more when I back down my intensity which is very hard to do at times because I am pumped and wanting to go all-in. I noticed I’m able to train more often with less recovery time, and over the long term and the short term, my growth and games are next levels. Thank you very much for sticking through all this and reading what I have learned and experience. Hopefully, this stuff right here will help you recover quicker, Better, Stronger Faster!