Best Way Of Massage Gun For Restless Legs Syndrome

I have restless legs syndrome (RLS), which may or may not be exacerbated by the way my body deals with stress. I’m lucky enough not to have a genetic predisposition for addiction and have managed my migraines well enough that, after a stressful event, I rarely fall down the migraine with aura rabbit hole, but my muscles tend to take on my emotional stress.
Massage guns are becoming more popular in the Health business, but little is known about whether or not they are effective in treating disorders such as Legs Syndrome or Plantar Fasciitis. In this blog article, I'll go over how massage guns may be able to aid with cellulite and what you should know before putting one to the test on your body.


I clench my muscles when I am stressed

Without realizing it, I clench every muscle in my body when I’m stressed. I clench my jaw in my sleep, my shoulders rise up to my ears when I’m stuck in traffic, and my lower body tenses when I’ve been sitting too long, trying not to wiggle my restless legs. I’ve caught myself clenching my glutes for no reason or sitting with my legs poised to jump.

It’s my body’s response to the emotional trauma and stressors I’ve experienced and, if I don’t think about keeping my body relaxed, its natural inclination is to be ready for attack.

Tight muscles or RLS – which came first?

As a result, I have chronic muscle pain, tightness, and sometimes injury. It’s sort of a chicken or egg scenario when it comes to my tight muscles and my RLS: are my muscles tight because of my RLS, or is my RLS worse because of my tight muscles? Either way, both demand treatment.

If I let my muscles get too tight, I’m less able to exercise and more prone to sprains, twists, or other injury. I’m also less likely to sleep through the night, creating a feedback loop of tiredness and restless legs that can be hard to break out of.

Gifting myself a massage gun

I’ve tried many things over the years and have found a combination that seems to help. Besides stretch therapy and pilates, I’ve been experimenting with ways to soothe my tight muscles at home on my own.

For Christmas this year, I gifted myself a massage gun. These rechargeable machines come in a few sizes and iterations, but I got a fairly basic model, the size and shape of an electric drill, which came with several attachments which are meant to target different body parts and with varying levels of pressure intensity.

Using a massage guns for RLS

For my legs, I usually choose a flat-headed, wide topper and turn the gun up to full speed. I blast my IT band, hips, shins, calves, and sometimes my feet. The effect is instantaneous. While I’ve found massage too painful or ineffective most of the time, the fast vibration of the massage gun helps soothe my tight legs and reminds me to keep them relaxed.

On days I’m reading or watching TV on the couch, I work through my tight spots. Instead of my RLS telling me to go to bed on these nights, I get to choose my destiny and usually have a better night’s sleep than if I’d skipped the gun.

Massage gun use alone will not cure my RLS, but I have found, anecdotally, that it helps me tackle the combination of muscle tension and restlessness that keep me up at night.

Can Anxiety Cause Restless Leg Syndrome?

I am no psychiatrist, and I am no clinical doctor, but I would almost guarantee you the biggest part of restless leg syndrome is from anxiety, whether it’s mental-physical anxiety or actually nervous system anxiety. 

What I mean by that is you could be sitting in your house alone, nobody around, not really doing anything, and your mind just starts wandering for no apparent reason, and you start daydreaming, I’m home alone, nobody around what if somebody breaks in… 

And then your Magine nation starts running about somebody coming through the door or the window with a weapon or something to harm you, and your mind just gets racing. Before you know it, you notice your heart rate is actually elevated, and you’re kind of anxious and scared all from thought alone.

 Now even after these thoughts left your mind and you have forgotten all about your crazy daydream that got your heart beating so fast, you’re lying in bed, and you’re sleeping, but your nervous system is not. 

It never sleeps; it’s always firing acting; it’s breathing your lungs while you’re sleeping, and your brain is actually running off of it as well doing some physical maintenance for other parts of the body or even clearing out toxins out of the brain itself. Then you begin to dream, and then you start having this nightmare of somebody breaking in.

Now you already forgot about the daydream you had. Now you have a physical dream to get to the point anxiety can affect your conscious and subconscious nervous system and restless leg syndrome, which I’m overusing this. Still, I call it nervous leg syndrome. To best understand restless leg syndrome, you need to look at the nervous system and how it works.

 but if you don’t want to dive down the rabbit hole really the nervous system is something that the medical system doesn’t even fully understand, and you could probably study it for the rest of your life and still not know everything, but the best thing to know is whatever negatively stimulates your nervous system whether it’s 

people whether it’s terrible foods whether it’s just your own negative thinking which is a whole different topic that you could get stuck into, and you can be kind of trapped between your thoughts and what is actually real threats but with all that can really be part of an anxiety issue that then can become a physical restless leg syndrome issue I know I’ve said a lot but I really hope to help somebody to understand where it all could be coming from and probably more often than not restless leg syndrome is more of an anxiety issue than anything else which is interesting exercise lowers anxiety and most athletic people don’t have restless leg syndrome issues but the athletic people that have restless leg syndrome issues

 Or the over-exercised and nutrient-depleted, which brings me back to the nervous system again. In summary, I think restless leg syndrome is more of an anxiety situation than it is an actual physical problem; yes, there are some physical elements to it, of course, which is a physical experience.

 But I believe that we are way more connected through the nervous system, and anxiety can affect restless leg syndrome and vice versa; it can be a snowball effect you can have anxiety that intensifies your restless legs which now you have more anxiety because you have restless legs and then back-and-forth it gets worse and worse when it gets this bad for me I jump in the cold water lol and even when I have a lot of anxiety I get in a cold bath you’re not so anxious when you’re in Coldwater all you wanna do has to get out of it. Once you do, it feels pretty good. By then, usually, I forget about whatever made me anxious all I know is at this point, I just don’t want to be in Coldwater.

Hot Feet and Restless Legs at Night.

  Hot feet and restless legs at night are the same things as restless leg syndrome, where are the nervous system are overactive, causing the irritation of all the things that I’ve talked about in this post above this paragraph, and below. 

9 Ways to Cool Down Your Hot Feet at Night healthline

I believe will help you with hot feet at night just as good as these methods work for restless leg syndrome primarily people don’t experiencing restless leg syndrome or hot feet at night until an hour later years in life but even as a child I experienced hot feet at night and even during the day I couldn’t stand to wear shoes and at night it would get so miserable for me even as a little kid I would get a bag of ice and put it on my feet I would always sleep with a fan blowing on my feet with my feet out  underneath the sheets back then we didn’t have the Internet and I was unable and my parents were unable to read an article like this to help me so I kind of try out an hour and learn things on my own but they irritation of those really disturbed the quality of sleep I would get an overall the quality of life I always was a poor sleeper and having restless legs and feet made things even worse but the same principles apply for hot restless feet as they do for your legs the only difference is I don’t believe that massaging your upper body like your legs weather that will help your hot feet at night but anything else like the stretching and the cold packs can help the biggest thing for me that help the most is actually I would turn on cold water and just let the cold bath water run over my feet for a few minutes and then get in bed right away and turn the fan on blowing directly on my feet and then just relax and rest the more that you focus on it and the more that it intensifies and the more irritated it becomes if you look at the nervous system and how it operates the sensory input to the body where attention goes energy flows.

 As the saying goes lol so if you keep focusing on your feet and the irritation can get worse, so the best thing to do is try to cool your feet off and take your mind off your feet and relax and try to do any of these other remedies listed above and below this paragraph.

How to Massage Restless Leg Syndromes 

I won’t go into the deep detail on how to massage for restless leg syndrome. Just watch Dr. Joe on YouTube. I’ll list the video below. She has the best video that I found, and it’s a lot easier to explain in a video than it is in text with restless leg syndrome, even if it’s just your legs for your lower legs. Do you want to work all your legs, and even if you can get some lower back stretching, it will relieve pressure off of the sciatic nerve and may relieve some restless leg syndrome farther down your legs? As I said above, you’re dealing with the nervous system, which can do some weird things known as deferred pain. The nerves can be firing and giving pain in a part of the body where the problem is not at, so it’s always good A to point B all the muscles in between to help relax the nervous system throughout the whole body.

Instant Relief for Restless Legs

My protocol for instant relief is cold water; it’s better to have warm water before bed, but when my legs get so restless with like almost like a mild electric shock going down my legs at times very annoying and irritating feeling sensations and when nothing else has worked Coldwater does the trick I just don’t use this method much because it’s very unpleasant. A lot of times, I’ll just suffer through, but if I would just go and fill the bathtub up with cold water dunk my legs in for just a few minutes, my restless leg syndrome is gone immediately something you could try that I haven’t tried yet you could use maybe ice or a wet, cold cloth wipe your legs down and actually maybe leave your legs a little damp and have a fan blowing on them that will give you the cooling effect. I believe that would work.

 I have used an ice pack on my feet before just not a real good thing to have in the bed when it starts melting, LOL, but cold temperature really helps.

Magnesium for Restless Leg Syndrome

Most everyone is deficient in magnesium; we just don’t get it in our diet anymore from depleted soils and everything else with processed foods. We’re also depleted in potassium, and I believe that if you bring up your potassium and magnesium levels, your restless leg syndrome may be cured. 

Potassium and magnesium relax the nervous system tremendously, and we’re all deficient.

 in it, the best thing to do is go get a blood test done from your doctor and ask pacifically for a vitamin deficiency test to see where your vitamin D levels are, which most of us are depleted in that they say the only people with sufficient vitamin D levels are roofers and people who work out on boats LOL in the sun all day long every day so will never get our vitamin D I usually try to take it every day especially in the winter but if you supplement with some supplements

 I would recommend first off vitamin D and magnesium and potassium vitamin D is pretty hard to get from food unless you’re consuming the food that’s fortified with vitamin D but even then that’s usually not enough for us so I recommend supplementing a little bit of vitamin D when it comes to potassium and magnesium both of these are best to obtain them from food and 7 to 10 cups of raw vegetables lol which is a lot I have ate that much before it can be done but you’ll be consuming like to really large salads a day and that’s really too hard to keep up with unless you’re vegan and that is your staple food but if not you also can do smoothies and green drink powders that can help you get the magnesium and potassium levels up and of course there are supplements that you can buy for magnesium and potassium but you want to be careful of not overdoing it with the supplements my best results I found as when I would do a big green juice and one green juice through a juicer would have my potassium and magnesium levels for the whole day rather than trying to spend a couple meals trying to get it in one drink would get it all in and I could feel my nervous system relaxing almost instantly of drinking a green juice but I have a real sensitive system like that I don’t juice as much these days but I’m trying to get one in a week I can really feel a difference and when you do this your sleep quality will prove and when your sleep quality improves so does your restless leg syndrome so it’s kind of reverses the snowball effect of the symptoms.


In summary I believe you can cure your restless leg syndrome through holistic practices one thing that I did not mention is CBD specially CBN is a new type of CBD relaxes the nervous system more medicinally than anything else I’ve dealt with restless leg syndrome all my life even as a child I was so bad I would prevent me from going to sleep now I know I probably have always had an hour immune disease and everything that I eight attacked my body I was a little kid I didn’t know why I felt this way I always felt this way it was kind of the norm to have sweaty stinging burning feet I couldn’t stand to wear shoes it was complete torture I wish I knew back then what I know now and stop eating all the processed foods and depleted my nutrients like potassium and magnesium even as a little kid one time I got a water balloon and it was cold water and I would just lay it on my feet at night and it would calm my legs down and help me go to sleep I wouldn’t say I am an expert on restless leg syndrome lol but I think I’ve tried everything you can try and the best thing to work instantly is the cold water are used a wet cloth before I’ve waited my feet that works pretty well what works the best is filling the top off of cold water and dunking half your body under for just a couple minutes colder the better hopefully you’ll find some relief through all my suffering LOL if you have any questions just message me through Pinterest or Instagram.