Advantages and Disadvantages of a Percussion Massager

Whether we are a regular athlete, spend time in the gym or perform a lot of desk job- our body especially muscles, are often pushed to their limits. Thus, due to sores and aches, they need extra care.

Therefore, we must perform body-messaging to help our muscles recover soon for a healthier life. In such cases, the importance of a percussion massager becomes vivid. A percussion massager is a handheld electric device that helps people for body-massaging.

There are numerous advantages of using a percussion massager such as- stress relief, increasing blood circulation. It isn’t free from disadvantages either. Thus, today we are going to shed light on the advantages and disadvantages of a percussion massager to help you lead a healthy life.

What is a Percussion Massager and How does it work?

A percussion massager is an electric device designed to apply impulse pressure deep into our body skin. According to experts, a percussion or electric massager delivers soft and comfortable blows direct into the body muscle and soft tissue. It helps the tissue recover soon against stress and sores while increasing blood circulation.

Most percussion device comes along with a foam at the front. The foam moves from back to front or vice-versa. Thus, it strikes the soft body tissues and muscles. The tissues then get relaxed and reduce muscle soreness and ache.

Advantages and Disadvantages of A Percussion Massager

Here we will provide the advantages and disadvantages of a percussion massager separately. Let’s have a look.

Advantages of A Percussion Massager

I have already mentioned several times that the use of a percussion massager has numerous health benefits. Now, let’s take an in-depth tour to explore those benefits.

Application in medical science:

A percussive massage effectively increases lymphatic circulation and disintegrate the scars tissues. So, it quickens the development and growth of fresh tissues. Due to these, sometimes, percussion massager is used by physicians after post-surgery for quick recovery of the patients.

Affordable and convenient:

Going to therapy centers for regular physiotherapy sessions is often expensive and time killing. However, with a percussion massager, you can easily avail yourself with the same benefit of therapies sitting at your room.

Athletic performance enhancer:

Athletes across the world use percussion massagers to increase their athletic performance. For instance, Kyrie Irving, during his NBA Final in 2017 treated his muscle cramp with an instant percussive message.

Disadvantages of percussion massager

Although comparatively safe, percussion massages are not free from its drawbacks. You need to know about them to use it with greater efficiency.

If you fail to use it properly, it may worsen your pain or muscle sores, since it uses a deep tissue messaging system. Moreover, there are some health conditions when we strongly prohibit you from taking a percussion massage. These broadly include-

  • During pregnancy
  • If you have cardiovascular disease
  • If you are a patient of advanced diabetes
  • If you have chronic back pain
  • During medication of blood clotting and thinning
  • If you have or previously had lumber diseases.

Luisa B. Wellman suggested that the improper application of the massage around the neck and throat might lead to ischemic strokes. However, it happens very rarely. Furthermore, there is a minimal risk of electric shocks if the cable lacks proper insulation. Nonetheless, it an extremely remote setback since modern percussion massagers use batteries and high-performing cables.

Final verdict

The benefits of a percussion massager are limitless. From pain relief to achieving intense athletic performance in sports, the Significance of a modern-day percussive message is undeniable. So, it is not a surprising fact that the use of the massage is getting popular day by day.

Nonetheless, the improper application of a percussive massage may lead to unwanted physical complications. Therefore, we recommend you to go through the manual book for further clarification about how you should operate it for better result. If managed and applied with consistency, a percussion massage is an unprecedented winner to help your body relax and lead a healthier life.

Moreover, percussive device heals muscle spasms preventing any future occurrence of muscle spasms of the patent.

Muscle rehabilitation:

It so happens that due to some diseases our muscles get harmed badly. At that time, they require a smooth recovery. Percussion causes contractions for strengthening muscles. It helps them to get relieved from injuries and post-surgery effects along the way.

Therefore, this is hugely beneficial for people who due to complications are unable to take part in active physical therapy sessions.

Regular health benefits:

Apart from releasing muscles from pain, percussive massages bring a series of health benefits for us. Some of the most mentionable are-

  • Increases blood circulation
  • Lowering BP
  • Improves sleep patterns and digestion
  • Reduces the development of toxic elements.

Aren’t all these great?

Relief from pain and ensuring relaxation

If you get used to regular percussive massages, you won’t need to use conventional drugs to free yourself from muscle sores and pain. A regular percussion massage session is enough for this.

Moreover, it provides your body with a feeling of relaxation and calming sense.