How To Use Massage Gun For Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is more common in runners. People who are overweight and those who wear shoes with inadequate support also have an increased risk of plantar fasciitis.While other treatments have been offered to deal with this issue, many have discovered that a percussive massage gun provides the most effective results.

Massage guns are becoming more popular in the personal care business, but little is known about whether or not they are effective in treating disorders such as Plantar Fasciitis、cellulite or fat bulges. In this blog article, I'll go over how massage guns may be able to aid with Plantar Fasciitis and what you should know before putting one to the test on your feet.

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In simple words, plantar fasciitis is the inflammation of the tendon or muscle that runs along the heel. The inflammation occurs due to various insults on the fascia. Etiology comprises of

  • Spurs
  • Excessive weight-bearing
  • Prolonged standing
  • Accidents 

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Treatment For Plantar Fasciitis

According to the pristine mayo clinic, following is the sequence of confirming your plantar fasciitis.

  • Medical history
  • Physical examination
  • Imaging, X-ray, MRI, and CT scan


Treatment for plantar fasciitis in time is super important. Treating plantar fasciitis quickly not just helps you recover the damage but also helps prevent new possible complications.

The sequence of management employed by physicians to treatment for plantar fasciitis is

  • Pain relief: naproxen and ibuprofen
  • Physical therapy
  • Splinters
  • Orthoses
  • Prosthesis
  • Shock wave therapy
  • Ultrasonic tissue repair
  • Surgery

You can hit the point where you feel pain all day in the absence of any treatment to monitor or to mitigate plantar fasciitis relief. If you do not handle it or leave it unattended, you might also be permanently impaired. Harm to the plantar fascia rises with the weight and walking effort.

Aside from medical treatment plans, one can use various methods to reduce pain. Various lifestyle changes can be made, like reducing one's weight would decrease the risk of new insults drastically. You can choose shoes that support your heel hence reducing the total pressure on your heel. If your work involves long hours of standing constantly, you can start by changing your job. You can rely on simple exercises to stretch your plantar fascia, Achilles tendon, and muscles. You can also consider massage for plantar fasciitis to produce the same pain relief. 

Significance And Benefits Of Using Massage Gun For Plantar Fasciitis

massage gun works by producing vibrations that improve blood circulation and help the bodily fluids flow smoothly. Massage for Plantar fasciitis is simply repeated pressure damage to the fibrous tissue on the underside of the foot. Massage therapy is a better treatment for alleviating the pressure. 


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Besides, deep tissue massage is the tool of choice for foot pain experienced by plantar fasciitis. Deep tissue massage is especially effective because it eases the tendons, ligaments, and fascia that have become stiff over time, easing them back into their usual position.

The fibrous band has been extended to the point of cracking over time as plantar fasciitis strikes. Thus, it is important to create strength at the foot and lower legs, to strengthen the foot's health. Thus, the calf muscles are exercised in massage for plantar fasciitis. 

A scientific study done in 2018 studied the beneficial effects of myofascial release, deep massage, and joint mobilization. The results were moderately positive in the short term. Extensive  research is available on the massage therapies employed to release heel pain. 

Deep soft tissue mobilization has proven to be effective. Some studies also found massage therapies through muscle massage guns to be superior to surgical techniques for pain relief and healing from inflammation.

How Massage Gun Works For Plantar Fasciitis Relief ( Massage For Plantar Fasciitis )

Percussion massage gun works through various methods to minimize the swelling and to help in blood circulation.

1. Soft Pulls Method

This plantar fasciitis massage includes pulling the fascia towards the left and right simultaneously. Put the massage gun in the middle of your sole and slide it left and right and continue to repeat the motion for about 2-4 minutes. Increase or decrease the pressure as required.  

2. Soft Pushes Method

This method includes lying down in bed and using one hand to grab the affected foot and using the other hand to lightly push on your sole. One can give this massage easily to themselves once or twice a day. This can prove to be very generous with the results. The motion of the massage gun should be heel to toes. Try to go over and over to reduce the tension on your fascia. You can also use your fist to knead the sole. 

3. Toe Flex Massage

You can add a little toe flexion to your regular hand to heel or heel to toe massage. You can also use the massage gun to move the toe around in circles. 

4. Ball Massage for Plantar Fasciitis

Another common method of massage for plantar fasciitis relief is by using the lacrosse ball method. You can also use balls of any other material. 

Massage guns have a circular structure attached on the front that does the job perfectly.

This method needs you to put a ball under the arch of your foot. You use body weight to shift pressure on the ball. This relaxes your fascia. Start with minimal pressure and then raise pressure slowly to train your muscles. 

5. Ice Massage

This massage is done twice a day. Use an ice cube. Place it under your foot. Roll the massage gun back and forth for a few minutes. This reduces the inflammation and consequently pain. 

6. Kneading The Calf Muscles

Calf muscle connects with your ankle and foot bones to support and produce movements. The calf muscle gets tightened. Exercising the calf muscles can reduce foot pain by a great deal. It involves trying to squeeze the calf muscle, work up and down the knee, between your thumbs and your toes. Your massage gun will rub your calf's gastrocnemius and soleus muscles. Moreover, you can try pulling and rolling methods. 


In conclusion, massage/mechanical therapy has been known to provide several symptomatic benefits. Scientific trials have also reported non-ambiguous benefits of massage therapy. Patients have known to be benefitted from it in both the long term and short term. The effects are instantaneous and enhance the quality of life. It helps the patient live a healthy and normal life. 

massage gun for plantar fasciitis relieves the crippling pain by feeling the fascia and easing the movement rest of the day. Moving and providing mechanical pressure to the fascia reduces the inflammatory factors and makes it less stiff. This is why if you are someone who is suffering from the said disease, you should try these mechanical massages.

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