Can You Use a Massage Gun on Your Stomach?

Muscle soreness is a daily part of many people’s lives. It can come from an intense workout or a completely inactive lifestyle. So, this problem affects both professional athletes or average Joes who spend hours sitting at the computer.  

Increasingly, the answer to this malady is a massage gun (or percussion gun, as some call it). Massage guns have proven to be quite effective in dealing with sore muscles, and that’s why there’s been growing interest in them over the last few years. 

When first learning about percussion guns, there are some important questions to answer. Can anyone use them? Are they completely safe? Can I use a massage gun on my stomach? Dive deeper into this blog to find the answers to all these questions. 

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Benefits of Using a Massage Gun

They give a comparable sensation to that of a deep tissue massage, but without the need for physical touch between the therapist and the client. Massage guns have been used on the neck, back, leg, foot, and head, among other body areas.

Massage gun is a device that is beneficial for athletes, people with joint pain, and a lot more. It improves blood circulation and also helps you treat muscle soreness after workout sessions. Well, some of the major benefits of the massage gun are: 

  • Vibrational Healing & Powerful Pain Relief

Vibrational healing is a style of healing that depends on subtle energies and vibrations rather than traditional healing methods. It is known to be effective and is based on the specific energy field of each person. A massage gun, which uses the "percussive therapy" technique to force vibrations deep into the muscle, provides the same benefit. 

The vibrations of the massage help to circulate blood and lymph throughout the body, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to reach the muscles. As a result, you'll heal faster, have a greater range of motion, have less discomfort, and experience less muscle fatigue and soreness. Massage guns' superior vibrating effect can quickly relieve discomfort in the neck, shoulders, and lower back.

  • Increases Lymphatic and Blood Flow

Massage guns function by stimulating nerve receptors, which widen blood vessels, thereby boosting blood flow. The lymphatic system, which eliminates waste and poisons from the body's tissues, is controlled by muscle contractions. This means that those who are less active may not get adequate lymph circulation, while those who are more active may have too much. If left untreated, lymphedema can develop. A massage gun, on the other hand, can assist restore balance by improving lymphatic circulation.

  • Enhances Range of Motion

Massage your muscles and connective tissues using a massage gun can help you stay flexible, mobile, and healthy. The joints become less prone to sprains after using it on a daily basis for a while. Simultaneously, muscle tension is relieved, which improves athletic performance or ordinary chores like reaching that tiny distance on top shelves quickly!

  • Relieves Muscle Soreness

A massage gun can help reduce tension and stiffness after a workout. The device's pressure increases blood circulation, which aids muscle recovery by increasing oxygenation throughout the entire body!

Can You Use a Massage Gun on Your Stomach?

After having an abdominal workout, your stomach might feel tight and sore, and you usually need a few days to recover and get back to your training. Apart from an excessive workout, stomach pain can come from improper technique while playing sports, lifting heavy objects, or even emotional stress. 

But, the important thing is that you don’t need to suffer in pain. It’s perfectly safe to use a massage gun on your abdomen and relieve your muscles with percussive massage. As is the case with other body parts, you have to be careful while using it. Avoid holding a gun in a static position for more than a few seconds and move it around in a small radius in one area instead. The vibration massage shouldn’t be painful, so in case you feel any pain or a pins-and-needles sensation, stop using the gun immediately. 

The use of a percussive massager on your stomach promotes blood flow and treats trigger points, which helps reduce tightness, ease pain, and speed up recovery. 

Can You Use a Massage Gun to Lose Belly Fat?

The correct answer is that a massage gun doesn’t break down fat cells, but accelerates the whole fat breakdown process and helps in getting rid of sagging skin due to weight loss.  

No matter how effective a massage gun is, you still have to do the work if you want good results. The fastest way to success would be to train regularly, start eating healthier food, and use a massage gun to recover more quickly.

How can a massage gun help you lose weight?

  • Increases blood flow and improves metabolism

As previously mentioned, the main point of a massage gun is to increase the blood flow in the specific area where you apply the massager. This improves your body metabolism, which is one of the crucial factors in weight loss. Moreover, vibration therapy stimulates collagen development, and this keeps your body in shape and makes your skin smooth. 

  • Eliminates toxins  

The use of a massage gun increases oxygen levels in your body and removes toxins. A non-toxic body leads to fewer cellulite deposits, which enables you to get rid of the fat without excessive exercise. 

Moreover, a massage gun can be used to warm up your muscles before exercising, and this process helps speed up fat melting during a workout. 

Final Thoughts 

The emergence of massage guns has significantly eased the way we are dealing with muscle soreness and stiffness and has helped us accelerate the post-workout recovery. If you also suffer from muscle pain and still haven’t tried percussion therapy, make sure to do it, and you’ll see the positive results in no time.