Can A Smart Hula Hoop Really Help You Lose Weight?

Many of us are looking for exercise tips to whittle away that lockdown waist. 

So, could this explain why smart weighted hula hoops have suddenly become so popular on TikTok?

But does smart weighted hula hoop really work? What's the difference between a smart hula hoop and a normal hula hoop? In addition to turning the hula hoop, what other tips can I use to slim down my waist?


#Can a smart hula hoop really help you lose weight?

#Benifits of smart weighted hula hoop

#The most worthwhile smart hula hoop brand? 

#How do you use a weighted hula hoop?

#How often should you use a weighted hula hoop?

Can you lose weight by turning a smart hula hoop?

A smart weighted hula hoop differs from a regular one in that the hoop and a weighted gravity ball are fitted to your waist. It also differs from standard weighted (but not smart) hula hoops, which have weights fitted inside a regular hoop, but where you still need to master the technique. 

With the smart weighted hula hoop, as you twirl your hips, the hoop itself remains still but the gravity ball swings around the outer side of the hoop. You need to keep the momentum going to keep the ball upright. 

Experts claim hula-hooping burns a similar amount of calories as dancing and, on average, women burn around 165 calories in 30 minutes of hula-hooping, while men can burn 200. 

And in a study by the University of Waterloo, Canada, women who used weighted hula-hoops for six weeks lost 3.4cm from their waist and 1.4 cm around their hips.

Beyond weight loss, hula hooping counts towards the Government’s recommended 150 minutes of weekly moderate intensity activity, and it helps strengthen your core. 

The addition of the gravity ball on the smart weighted hoops means you don’t have to learn the traditional hula-hooping technique, which can be difficult and less effective if not done right. You can increase and decrease the weights, depending on the effort you want to put in. 

Benifits of smart weighted hula hoop

Compared with the ordinary hula hoop, the smart hula hoop is actually achieved through waist exercise in essence, but it is only optimized on the basis of the ordinary hula hoop:

#Save space:

If your family has 200 square meters, you can buy as many hula hoop as you like, but for students and migrant workers who just came out of the society, the place to live is relatively small. If you want to exercise and thin your waist, you can basically use such a large traditional hula hoop. is unrealistic.

 The smart hula hoop can automatically adjust according to your waistline, which takes up less space and is easy to carry. It is very convenient to take with you when you travel or go home.

#Free your hands:

The smart hula hoop is a hula hoop that will not fall off . On the one hand, you need to use your waist strength to drive the gravity ball, which can fully mobilize your muscle groups, but because it will not fall off, you can still look at your phone and read books while playing, which is one of the few. What a great time management exercise.

#Massage your waist

A good smart hula hoop spends a lot of time on the massage function, massage while turning, relax your waist and abdomen.


The most worthwhile smart hula hoop brand? 

As a new product, there are not many mature products on the market at present.

Although the principles are similar, the functions and experience of different brands are still very different.

According to the sense of use, the best affordable buy one is Booster

Booster smart weighted hula hoops for exercise come with 24 detachable knots plus 4 extra sections. It is suitable for a max 51 inch / 130cm waistline. Meanwhile, each of the smooth and non-slip surfaces has an individual spring, you can enjoy a 360° surrounding massage while doing an Abdomen fitness message. Makes fitness goes with massage in pleasure What's more, Booster smart hula hoops suitable for fitness room, outdoor, home, office, and anywhere you want with the convenient detachable design. Good choice for anyone who wants to fix waistline, skinny legs, slender arms, firm buttocks.

How do you use a weighted hula hoop?

The good news is if you’ve ever hula hooped before, as a child or adult, using a weighted hula hoop isn’t that much different. “The trick is to move your hips forward and back, shifting your weight. And keep your feet staggered to start, “says Gourlay.

“Proper form with any movement is key,” adds Walker. “Basics for form center around good posture, including core and glute engagement, and full proper activation of the muscles you seek to use.” It may seem a little counterintuitive, but both Gourlay and Walker say a weighted hula hoop may actually be easier to use than a regular one. Getting the hoop going is easier because you have more control of the weight, Walker says. If you’re rhythmically challenged, opting for a bigger hoop may help because you have more reaction time to respond as it moves around your body. 

She also suggests against wearing baggy clothing because it can make it harder to catch the hoop around your waist.

And once you get the hang of a weighted hula hoop, feel free to incorporate all those tricks you did as a kid. “Waist hooping, arms, agility on the floor, jumping in and out, dance hooping — imagination is your only limitation!” says Walker.

How often should you use a weighted hula hoop?

If you’re interested in giving a weighted hula hoop a spin or two, Walker suggests starting small and try to hula hoop for 10-30 minutes, two-to-three times a week. Ultimately, how often you use a weighted hula hoop will come down to individual preferences, fitness levels, and goals. If you like to hoop, incorporate it as part of your workout routine. Like with all exercise, Walker says, “Enjoy the way you move and move the way you enjoy.”